Before We Begin

Important Checks

Before you follow any tuning methods in this guide, ensure that:

  • Voron V2: Your :page_facing_up: gantry is properly squared.
  • :warning: Everything is tight (seriously, check again)
    • Go back again and re-tighten every single screw you can possibly find, especially grub screws, linear rails, and everything in the toolhead.
    • I do this once every once in a while, and I often find something that has shaken loose and is causing me issues that are extremely difficult to troubleshoot.
  • :warning: Your nozzle is not partially clogged.
    • If your nozzle is partially clogged, you may not even notice. You may be able to print, but you will have an extremely difficult time trying to tune.
      • Ensure that you can easily extrude by hand with the filament latch open.
      • Ensure that the material falls straight down out of the nozzle when extruding midair. It should not shoot out to the side.
    • Hit it with a nozzle cleaning needle just in case.
  • Your thermistors are the correct types in your config. Please double check them.
  • Your motion components are clean, particularly between gear/pulley/idler teeth.
  • Your nozzle is clean.
  • Your nozzle has been tightened while hot (unless it’s a Revo), and is not leaking material through the threads around the nozzle or heatbreak.

Table of contents