Slicer is Putting Heating G-codes in the Wrong Place/Order

:dizzy: The second fix is relevant to all printers, but the first fix is for Klipper printers only.

For example:

  • Your PRINT_START macro is running before your hotend or bed heat up.

  • Or you wish for your heating commands to come after PRINT_START, or to have one heater to heat before your start g-code, and one after.

The two options below allow you to control this order.

  • Pass variables to PRINT_START (allows the most control, but is more complex)
    • See the “Passing Variables to PRINT_START” article :page_facing_up: here.
  • Force g-code ordering (only allows changing the g-code order, but is easy to set up)

    • See the “Controlling Slicer Temperature G-Code Order (Simple Method)” article :page_facing_up: here.