Thermal Drift

:dizzy: This page is tailored to Voron printers.

(This can affect first layer consistency and z offset consistency between prints.)

  • :warning: On larger enclosed printers (i.e. V2 & Trident), ensure that you are heat soaking for at least an hour.*
    • *This is not necessary when printing unenclosed. If you have a thick bed, or your bed is mounted to frame extrusions, give it 5-10 minutes.

Z will drift upwards as the frame and gantry thermally expand with chamber heat. This can cause your first layer squish to vary between prints, and can even cause your first layer to drift up as it prints.

Look at the graph below. The red line represents Z offset drift over time as the frame comes up to temperature (this is on a V2.).

It’s not ideal, but just get into a routine - start the heat soak from your phone when you wake up in the morning.

There are ways around this - specifically by using gantry backers in combination with software-based frame thermal expansion compensation. This is also commonly combined with auto z calibration (or auto baby-stepping, as I prefer to call it) to allow for an accurate starting offset at any temperature.