Infill/Perimeter Overlap

:dizzy: This page is compatible with all printers.

After tuning flow and pressure advance, you may still have some pinholes where your top infill meets your perimeters. This is more prevalent in PS/SS.

This is not necessarily an indicator that your flow or pressure advance are wrong, though they can impact it.

One approach is to :page_facing_up: set top infill to “not connected” (SS). This has some other potential benefits, and often fixes the pinholes without having to do any overlap tweaking.

For “connected” infill, simply adjust “infill/perimeter overlap” (PS) or “infill/perimeters encroachment” (SS) until satisfied. I ended up at about 40%.

(Though now I use the default overlap of 25% with “not connected” top infill instead.)


  • Overlap Tweaked: