Even without issues, you should look through these to familiarize yourself with things to look out for.
Especially thermal drift under “First Layer / Squish Consistency Issues”

Build Surface Adhesion


  • Bulging Layers
  • Bulges at STL Vertices
  • Bulging around features
  • Bulging Patterns on Overhangs (SS)


Extruder Skipping

Extrusion Patterns / “Wood Grain”

  • Extruder Backlash
  • Other Factors
  • Clockwork 1
  • Mini Afterburner

First Layer Inconsistencies

  • :warning:Thermal Drift
  • First Layer Conistency
  • Squish Consistency (Between Prints)

Layer Shifting

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Speeds and Accelerations

PLA is Overheating

Perimeter Separation


Slicer is Putting Heating G-codes in the Wrong Place/Order

Small Infill Areas Look Overextruded

VFAs (Vertical Fine Artifacts)

  • VFAs With ~2mm Spacing
  • VFAs With Non-2mm Spacing

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